Sunday, October 25, 2015

Madame X (Madame X #1) by Jasinda Wilder

Title: Madame X
Series: Madame X
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Genres: Romance/Drama/Dark/Adult

Maturity Rating: 17+

Overall Rating:

My Quickie Synopsis: Madame X lives in a plush world of sophistication where she caters to only the privileged and most elite of society-but it's not in the way that you might expect. She's a mistress in the art of class, confidence and control; her job is to impart this knowledge to the entitled yet thoroughly ignorant sons of her clientele. However, her carefully constructed reality and identity threaten to come crumbling down when a few chance encounters force her to question her lifestyle and circumstances.

Micro Review: I typically don't like doing micro reviews because I feel that they do a disservice to the book and author. That being said, I also realize that most people don't give two flying craps about technicalities. I get it and I can appreciate it. So, I'll try the condensed version out for a while. We'll see how long it lasts!
On to the juicy bits though-
Madame X is probably going to be unlike anything you've read in a while and I say that purely from the standpoint of the writing style. There are certain aspects of the story told in a kind of diary-style second person; it takes a while to get used to, but it certainly adds a richness to the story. On top of that, I can't think of many authors that would be brave enough to tackle that point of view and then go on to excel with it.
That's just the tip of the iceberg here; the most compelling aspects of the book are the characters themselves. The titular character, Madame X, is a veritably complex woman and you can't help but to feel an emotional connection to her the deeper you find yourself immersed in her world. The supporting cast of characters each come with their own skeletons and emotional baggage, and X's interactions with each of them spark a slow shift in her perspective. These interactions alone will probably have you reading all night just to see what X will get herself into next.
You're hurting my heart, X!
I will say that I personally was disappointed with a few of X's choices, but the fact of the matter is that everything made perfect sense, And honestly, as a reader, you can't really ask for anything more. There are several difficult topics explored within Madame X, and each one is handled with a certain poise alongside a dose of harsh reality that you just don't see as often in modern romance novels. Don't get me wrong; there's plenty of romantic fantasy to be had within the story, but it's grounded by the heavier issues that Ms. Wilder introduces in a seamless way.
In line with the majority of reviews that are already out regarding this book, I too do not want to give too much away. It's a book that has to be experienced with a fresh pair of eyes.

My Icing on Top:
It's really rare for me to rate a book at five stars. This is only the second book I've rated as such for books I've read in 2015. To put that in a bit of perspective, I've rated 83 books this year. I know that this book won't be for everyone, as the subject matter is on the graphic side; however, if you're up for reading a superb modern drama with a twist of dark romance and plenty of thought provoking moments, please pick up Madame X the next chance that you get.

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As always, happy reading!


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